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Rfid Tag Manufacturers Help Build Anti-counterfeiting Identi


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RFID technology is suitable for product anti-counterfeiting. The chip information in each RFID tag manufacturer is unique. The information is transmitted through electromagnetic waves. The information is read by special reading equipment and uploaded to the cloud for verification and identification.

Scan the code for anti-counterfeiting tracing, such as: manufacturer information, production date, place of origin, specification, etc., decrypt the label data and judge the authenticity of the goods. Application: at present, this label is generally used on electronic products or alcohol products, medicine, health products, plant protection, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, food and electronic products.

RFID product anti-counterfeiting identification uses near-field communication technology to input the commodity information into a small chip, and integrates the anti-counterfeiting label with the commodity through technical means such as implantation, affixing and synthesis. When it is close to the reading / inputting equipment, it updates the circulation / verification information of the commodity. The high imitation cost of the chip and the difficulty of copying the real information of the commodity make the chip a favorable feature for the anti-counterfeiting label.

Features: the label material is fragile paper. Once the product is exposed and damaged, beware of being copied and used again. It is used in product packaging and electronic products, with outstanding anti-counterfeiting effect.

With the support of the supply chain platform database, by attaching RFID tag manufacturers(more info) to a single product, the supply chain information related to the product can be reliably and real-time recorded in the tags, so as to conduct real-time supply chain supervision.

Technology: fragile anti-counterfeiting labels are mainly made of materials and stickiness to achieve the effect of uncovering and damaging. RFID tag manufacturer has many technical characteristics, such as large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non forgeable, and concurrent identification. The key data of the specific supply chain can be traced back: from the delivery to the subsequent supply chain process, it reaches the patients through the retailers.

RFID anti-counterfeiting tag is a kind of electronic anti-counterfeiting tag. It attaches the electronic anti-counterfeiting tag to the product packaging. Consumers can identify the electronic anti-counterfeiting tag on their mobile phones, check the authenticity information, and read the relevant information of the products.

Using RFID technology to realize product anti-counterfeiting, combining with wireless communication technology, it can identify and track individual products, and improve the functions of enterprise information management system; To achieve effective management of a single product, enhance brand and product value, and enhance scientific and technological anti-counterfeiting.

RFID special technology shows its practical value and the perfection of industrial application. In realizing the tracking function and extending to the management application of smart stores, it helps to improve the consumer experience and the product safety of the finished product supply chain. The RFID supply chain management application can effectively solve the problems of product theft and counterfeiting.

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