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Price Per Customer and Group Magento 2 extension use for Magento store owners have the ability to set a different price for individual customers and groups. Also, owners can set fixed prices, % discounts for all products for their loyal buyers. Magento 2 price per customer and group extension Set specific Product price for specific customer and group.

The process of the eCommerce store is very explicit. Customer visits the store, look at the products, get some discounts, purchase the products, and receive that product. But sometimes need more options that offering loyal customers to special price is expressly increase sales of the eCommerce store. The customer feels special when they get a unique discount on a purchasing product.

Those are the new personalized price features that the store admin can provide to their customer and customer group. This extension automatically set price priority, first customer-specific price and customer group price, and global percentage (%) discount. Price Per Customer and Group Magento 2 extension help the store owner to set specific prices for specific loyal customer and customer group. The store admin can assign multiple products with specific price rules for individual customers and customer groups. 

This extension will help to expand the store’s personalized price strategy for your customer or customer groups as well as allows you to optimize your product visibility. Magento 2 Price per Customer and Group extension offer to set discount prices either in fixed or percentage (%) amount for a specific customer or customer group. This extension works with the simple, configurable, group, bundle, and dynamic bundle products. 

Price per Customer and Group Magento 2 extension help to inspire buyers to purchase repeatedly from the store. The customer can buy bulk to get more benefits in comparison to another store for the same products. Price Per Customer And Group extension helps to increase revenue and make your brand with loyal customers. This extension is easy to configure and helps to manage pricing with multiple stores. Magento 2 Price Per Customer and Group extension increase customer’s zealous to become guest to loyal customers. The customer feels special toward your store and it increases your store productivity.

We have built a new extension Price Per Customer Magento 2 extension. Using this extension Magento store owner has the ability to set different prices for individual customers. The owner can set fixed prices, % discounts for all products for their loyal buyers. Magento 2 price per customer extension inspires buyers to purchase repeatedly from your store or bulk to get benefits at product price to compare to others. Price Per Customer extension helps you to increase inward and make your brand with loyal customers.

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